Train your dog around sheep

2nd May, 2017

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Summer is fast approaching, and with that, many of us will be going further afield to take our dogs out on walks. This inevitably means encountering sheep along the way. Follow these handy tips and tricks to reduce the chance of dogs worrying the sheep.

The easiest and most simple way is to keep your dogs on a lead when in a field full of sheep. There are areas which have been designated for dog walking and so there is no chance of meeting any sheep. There is a map here to locate the nearest dog only walking field in your area.

beagle on a lead

Dog Training Tips

  1. Use a whistle – It’s not always possible for dogs to hear you over a long distance, using a whistle for dogs can increase the chance that your dog will be able to hear you over a long distance as the sound carries better.
  2. Watch your dog – Make sure that you keep an eye on your dog around livestock. Is he wagging his tail more? Or does he seem more alert? These are all tell-tale signs that your dog is excited and you should be warier in a situation like this.
  3. The three most important commands are sit, stay and recall – Well trained dogs will sit anywhere on command. A strong stay command will prevent dogs running ahead and possibly into livestock, as you may be walking through gates for example. It is also important that you can recall your dog so that you can bring him back under physical control.
  4. Look out for sheep and signs – Be aware of the sheep in the surrounding area and try to spot them early. This will give you time to get your dogs under control and put on a lead. Keep a look out for signs that ask you to keep dogs on a lead.
  5. Teach your dog to ‘leave it’ – Rewarding dogs with a treat when you show him something he is interested in and does not react. Repeat over and over until your dog is trained to ‘leave it’ on command and then the command can be used in the field. You could use some of our nice beef jerky as a treat:

Using the above handy tips and tricks can help you relax on your walks through the countryside this summer. Dogs do not want to be kept on a lead for a walk through a field, but remember the sheep are the farmers livelihood.

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